AGENCY SPOTLIGHT: Christian Family Care of Phoenix, Arizona

This month we are recognizing Christian Family Care (CFC), as one of the newest members of the 3-5-7 Model© family.  Christian Family Care hosted Darla for their initial training in the fall of 2015.  Coaching sessions began in November, and the CFC team recently hosted Stephanie for day three of training, where they learned about integrating the 3-5-7 Model© Readiness Continuum and 3-5-7 Model© Skills Development Guide tools into their work.  During coaching sessions, the CFC team demonstrates a genuine caring for their youth and families.  What is particularly remarkable is that each team member knows the story of their youth, from the youth’s perspective, taking care to meet their youth where they are, not get too far ahead, and allow the youth to do their work.  We are proud to be working with such a great group of committed professionals!
Learn more about Christian Family Care here:

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