What Does 3-5-7 Model® Implementation Look Like?

he 3-5-7 Model™ is more than just a process, and organizational preparation to “shift” the culture of the agency is critical to integrating the practice into a day-to-day routine and to assure sustainability. Typically, organizations interested in implementing the 3-5-7 Model™ are engaged in an Initial Inquiry Process, and guided through a customized implementation plan that is designed to meet organizational needs while assuring the support needed from Darla L. Henry & Associates is provided to achieve desired outcomes. Outlined below describes possible activities that comprise each phase of implementation.

Installation (Clarification)
Includes foundational training of two consecutive days followed by two on-site days for coaching and consultation, one day approximately 4 months after training and the fourth day about 6 months later.

Initial Implementation (Integration)
Coaching begins about one month (minimally) following the initial training continuing for 10 months. Coaching is usually a one hour session, once or twice a month in which direct staff and/or supervisors receive coaching on applications of the 3-5-7 Model.
In the second year we continue consultation/coaching and build upon the foundation laid by introducing enhanced programming such as the 3-5-7 Model Resource Parent Program and 3-5-7 Model Groups Program.

Full Implementation (Actualization)
In the third year, coaching continues based on staff and supervisory skill development needs to maintain fidelity to the practice of the 3-5-7 Model.

Measurement and Evaluation of Outcomes and Internal Trainer Certification are features that we can include at any step of programming. These activities should be explored in the Implementation Planning phase.

Excerpt from the 3-5-7 Model Newsletter, April, 2016.

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