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Darla L. Henry & Associates supports parenting approaches that view the role of resource parents to 1) create a safe environment, 2) respond to expressions of grief, and 3) focus on relationship building.  The 3-5-7 Model® Resource Parent Curriculum equips professionals with the tools to provide ongoing training and coaching of parents and families.

Parents can learn about the concepts and practices of the 3-5-7 Model® through a one- day (six hour) training program.  Training topics for resource parents during the six-hour program include:

This program equips the professional with the tools to provide ongoing training/ coaching of parents and families using The 3-5-7 Model© Resource Parent Curriculum.

Cost for the curriculum includes six (6) coaching meetings.

Exploring the issues identified in these five questions organizes the work to be done through various activities and techniques. The behaviors and comments of individuals and families provide clues as the work that still remains towards resolution of the painful events and relationships of their lives.

Seven skill elements and interpersonal abilities guide the efforts of professionals and caregivers to support the work of children, youth, and families to grieve losses and rebuild relationships. These abilities are: engagement and listening skills, recognizing that behaviors indicate the pain of losses, affirming and responding to these behaviors from a grief perspective, remaining present to the expressions of grief and responding in the moment, creating opportunities for the perception of safety within the helping relationship, and recognizing that grief work and relationship building can be done only by those who have experienced the losses.

The seven skills for engagement are:

The 3-5-7 Model® Readiness Continuum allows children, youth, and families to recognize when they are ready to begin permanency placement decision-making.