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  • Currently training is only provided by Darla L. Henry & Associates. At this time, no individual or agency outside of Darla L. Henry & Associates is licensed to train on the 3-5-7 Model® (with the exception of agencies licensed to train employees within their agency).
  • Please contact us if you would like to know if your agency is licensed to train on the model or find out how you can receive training.
  • Most of our training is agency based. Contact us to request a training near you.

The 3-5-7 Model® is licensed to ensure the model is being used in the way it was intended.

Currently, only the staff of Darla L. Henry & Associates is permitted to train on the model. If you are interested in becoming a 3-5-7 Model® trainer
please contact us.

  • The 3-5-7 Model® can only be used as part of a grant with our expressed and written permission. If you are considering including the 3-5-7 Model® in a grant proposal please contact us early in the proposal writing process to discuss how we can collaborate.
  • See our Grants/Research page on our website for more information.

The 3-5-7 Model® Workbook is a tool purchased by participants of the 3-5-7 Model® Program training and is not sold independent of the training.

  • Cost vary per program and delivery format related to on-site or virtual trainings.
  • Please contact us to talk about your specific organization and to discuss a program that is specific to your needs.
  • If you are interested in our program but find it cost prohibitive, please contact us so we can explore options with you.
  • Various research projects have been showing decreased levels of perceived stress, increased well-being and decreased levels of symptoms
    of depression in youth where workers used the 3-5-7 Model® as compared to youth in the control group.
  • A fidelity system is in final stages of development. This system ensures that the framework is being used as intended.
  • Reports of increased worker satisfaction in agencies actively using the framework.
  • California Evidence Based Clearinghouse Child Welfare Relevance rating of “High”.
  • The 3-5-7 Model® helps these workers put their prior training and theoretical knowledge into practice in a directional approach. The tools of the model (Skills Development Guide and Readiness Continuum) help workers plan their time and be intentional about their interactions with youth and families to support movement toward permanency by using the tools that allow children and families to do their work.
  • The model promotes the use of strategies by the child’s ongoing worker to support the work of grieving losses and rebuilding relationships. This is done within the context of the relationship—provided that the worker sees the child regularly (more frequently than once/month)
  • The approach of the model is to meet the youth where they are. In this sense, there is no need to determine if the child is ready to engage in the work, it is matter of determining where the child is in the process and we have created tools to assist in this process. The worker then uses the framework of the model to plan activities and interactions that create opportunities for the youth for clarification and integration of life events and relationships.
  • Worker feedback that children “won’t engage” in the work is more often a result of the worker misinterpreting where the youth is in the process.

The 3-5-7 Model® Workbook is a tool designed not for youth but for professionals working with youth. It is a tool to aid workers in selecting
activities that the worker can use with youth to guide their work. The workbook contains content specific to way that the worker can facilitate
the activity and was not written in a format designed for direct use by youth.