Working Virtually with Kids & Families

Home / Working Virtually with Kids & Families is an excellent tool to encourage participation in live online presentations. It allows participants to engage anonymously and works for any size group. Mentimeter offers polls, quizzes, “Word Clouds”, and more. The 3-5-7 Model® has been utilizing Mentimeter’s Word Clouds to encourage participation and ensure that everyone’s “voice” can be heard. Not only can participants see their own answers, but they can see other responses. With Mentimeter’s Word Clouds, if multiple participants enter the same answer, that particular answer gets larger and larger on the screen. Here is an example of a Word Cloud.

In today’s world of working remotely, it is necessary for professionals who work with children and families to have a vartiety  of tools to use as they engage and establish rapport across the virtual world.  One such product that allows for this to occur is called Lucidspark.  Lucidspark as defined by the company Lucid on their website is “a virtual whiteboard where teams can bring the best ideas to light.”  Lucidspark allows user to log in from wherever they are located and access the same virtual whiteboard to create vision boards, mapping activities, and more!  After the board or activity is created, it can then be exported and either printed out to have a hard copy or used in a different electronic format.  There are many options available.