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Coaching is a type of consultation and is critical to the success of the 3-5-7 Model® Program. The purpose of coaching is to ensure that concepts learned in the training environment are integrated into practice and transfer of learning is supported through ongoing feedback to promote practice change and prevent “practice drift” by supporting system regulation toward a “new normal”—new “homeostasis”. During coaching sessions our associates provide guidance and promote deeper learning for your staff who have attended training.


Development of a coaching plan occurs in communication with supervisors and key team members. Frequently specific examples from case presentations and debriefings are used as the platform for discussions. Coaching with regular frequency allows us to build practice relationships with the organization that will support our ability to help staff address practice issues and integrate and implement the 3-5-7 Model®. Regular 3-5-7 Model® coaching has been noted to reduce stress and increase job satisfaction and provides motivation when workers/supervisors are facing depleted professional energy.  The most effective coaching is facilitated by an active partnership between the organization and The Academy for Child Welfare Practice, LLC.


Coaching sessions provide support in the following areas:

Typical agenda Items for initial coaching calls following the training phase:

Important considerations in the coaching development process:

Our coaches are certified through a training and certification process. They are licensed social workers or similarly licensed professionals who are practitioners of the 3-5-7 Model® and also have supervisory experience. They are knowledgeable in the theoretical frameworks of the model and tools of the model and are able to gather and synthesize case specific data in real time and provide immediate feedback.


The Academy for Child Welfare Practice provides consultation prior to and throughout the process that is specific to organizational needs. Consultation is often requested and provided in relation to implementation barriers at a systems level and frequently occurs in relation to the Implementation Plan that was developed.

Consultation topics often include: