Webinar Series Handouts

Full Set of all Handouts (for webinar series or in-person sessions)

Part One: Overview of the 3-5-7 Model® Slides

Part One: 3-5-7 Model® Core Components

Part Two: How Storytelling Encourages Healing Slides

Part Three: Using Activities to Engage Children and Youth Slides

Part Four: Using the Tools of the 3-5-7 Model® Slides

Part Four: Readiness Continuum

Part Four: 3-5-7 Model® Flow Chart

Part Four: Activities at-a-Glance

Part Four: Skills Development Guide

Part Five: Clarification - Seeking the Answer to Why Slides

Part Six: Integration - Creating Well-Being through Relationships Slides

Part Seven: Actualization - Finding Safety in Relational Permanence Slides

Part Seven: Classifications of Relational Permanence

Part Eight: Supporting Youth-Driven Decision-Making Slides